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Timeline Overview

Posted in General Updates on December 2, 2008 by Cheryl

Oct 19, Sun

Committee Meeting @ 2.00pm
(Cast to be confirmed; practice calendars to be prepared)

Oct 26, Sun

1st General Briefing
(Cast list to be announced; practice calendars to be given out; various portfolio and coordinators to be announced)

Nov 5, Mon

1st Practice

Dec 16, Tues

1st Full Rehearsal @ 8.00pm

Dec 18, Thurs

Full Dress Rehearsal @ 7.00pm

Dec 20, Sat

2nd Full Rehearsal @ 10.00am-5.00pm (with sound, lights & mics)

Dec 21, Sun

SHOWTIME @ 10.00am & 5.00pm

Dec 25, Thurs

SHOWTIME @ 10.00 am


Introducing the Production Team!

Posted in General Updates on December 1, 2008 by Cheryl

And they are…

Advisor: Pr Sandra Chin
Producer: Elder Shirley Wong
Original Script By: Jason Ding
Director: Jason Ding
Asst. Directors: Chern Liang & Jack Ling
Administrators: Eleanor Chua & Cheryl Mohan
Music: Enoch Lau
Choir Coordinator: Jay Yeoh
Dance: Rachel A. Thong
Stage Management: Ang Peng Hoe
Props Production: Jecyrina
On-Stage Props Management: Jecyrina & Charlene
Hair & Make-Up: Tan Wern Lu
Sound Management: John Leong
Lightings: Hansen & Kuan Cheen
Costume: Elder Edana (assisted by Suk Yin)
Video & Media Production: Alvin Keng (ACTS TV)
Publicity: Jessica Chan (A&P)
Ushering: Ronson
Hospitality: Tan Boon Wei
Security: Philip Gan
Follow-Up: Elder Adeline Eng
ACTSposure: Elder Darren Ch’ng