About Lightbulb Productions

Lightbulb Productions is the Creative Arts dream team of The ACTS Church. It was officially launched in January 2003.

Our Vision:
” To make the love of Christ famous through Creative Arts”

Our Objectives:

  • Encouragement To encourage like-minded people / talented people with creative arts on their hearts by offering an environment where they could:
    – fellowship with like-minded people
    – express themselves through creative arts, aiming to bring souls to Jesus & to shine for Christ.
  • Education & Equipping
    To develop & improve together through:
    – short-term training (6-8 weeks)
    – workshops (internal & external)
    – watching other people’s performances
    – on-going training
  • Event
    Linked closely to education & equipping
    This is a channel where the people could:
    – gain exposure / experience
    – publicity
    – shine for Jesus on stage
    – put training to practice
  • Evangelism
    Sharing the Gospel creative in different ways:
    – be a light in the secular sector of creative arts
    – inviting non-believers (who have an interest in creative arts) to join us for outings, trainings, etc.
    – supporting the church by:
    * helping our pastors bring out a message more effectively (serve as visual aid)
    * lending our support to other dream teams of ACTS Church

We are:

  • Creative
  • Striving for excellence
  • Adventurous
  • Versatile
  • Resourceful

We offer:

  • Opportunities to discover your talents & strengths
  • Training
  • Avenues to serve people & the body of Christ & to represent Christ

Interested to be a Lightbulber? Call Shirley @ 603-56378737 or e-mail lightbulb.actschurch@gmail.com


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